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Heart Farming Spots
Posted by: Chill - 03-25-2019, 02:03 PM - Forum: Guides - Replies (1)

Are you in the Maker/ Medal phase of your Root career? Looking for that heady fire spot to get what you need? If so look no further! 
This is a working thread so if you'd like to share a spot just comment below and I'll add it.

If you're a fresh 0 RB lvl 70 noob and need that dark crystal for job advance and are way to poor to buy one in the FM or to prideful to beg for one you can farm your very own!
Kerning City Subway: Line 1 <Area 4> - Wraith drops:
Dark Crystal Ore - 1/33

Mu Lung: Wild Bear Area 1 - Grizzly drops:
Diamond Ore - 1/47
Opal Ore - 1/37
Soft Feather - 1/1

Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon II - Zombie Lupin drops:
All Magic Powders - 1/33
Orihalcon Ore - 1/37
Amethyst Ore - 1/37
Stiff Feather - 1/1

Are you a big time baller? Need that bling for you gear? Everyone loves a Diamond.
Phantom Forest: Swamp Bog - Leprechaun drops:
Diamond Ore - 1/8
Gold Ore - 1/8

Dungeon: The Cave of Evil Eye III (HeyoAlex swears by it) Evil Eye drops:
Diamond Ore - 1/37
Silver Ore - 1/37

If you need dragon scales Nest Golem's are the best to farm
Leafre: Peak of the Big Nest - Nest Golem drops:
Dragon Scale - 1/1
Dragon Spirit - 1/1
Diamond Ore - 1/47
Orihalcon Ore - 1/47

Posted by: snoh - 03-18-2019, 07:54 AM - Forum: Guides - No Replies



You will also need to know if your motherboard supports onboard graphics.

Step 1: Go into your bios and enable onboard integrated graphics

[Image: b8167d74a3b9bd21a1fdafc3306ca565.png]

Step 2: Unplug your monitor cable from your GPU

[Image: 8defaa62b6f5034cbac71ccf57e2f4b4.png]

Step 3: Plug your monitor into your motherboard

[Image: e9b146e40a11f08b058cfba455285d69.png]

Step 4: GAME

I hope this works for you!

If you have any questions please post in the comments below.

  Revamping Guild PQ and Orbis PQ
Posted by: mtsonic - 03-09-2019, 07:45 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Credit to GM Colt

Here are some reward ideas posted by our GM Colt for what rewards should be handed out in Orbis PQ and Guild PQ.  The goal is encouarge players to do these PQs and foster a sense of community, to bring people closer together and help populate their buddylists so they can boss together in the future and play together.

Guild PQ (Lv 160+)
990001000 - Sharenian - Sharen III's Treasure Wearhouse  -- (1032033) -- needs better reward

  - Shiny Maple Coins
  - Hp&Mp pots
  - Maple Coins
  - GM Scroll (Low chance)
  - Gems/Jewels (Refined ones)
  - Gem ores / Jewel Ores
  - Shoes for atk 60% (Low chance)
  - Clean Slate Scroll 20%
  - Narc
  - Chaos Scrolls

Orbis PQ (Lv 51~)
920011100 - Hidden Street - Tower of Goddess <Treasure Storage>  --- needs better reward
  - Crystal ores / Crystal / hp&mp pots / lvl 60~70 gloves / 1k meso bags

  - Crystal ores
  - Crystal
  - Hp&Mp pots
  - Onyx Apple
  - GFA 60%
  - Deep purple witch belt (Low rate)
  - Shield for Magic Attack 60%
  - Clean Slate Scroll 5%
  - Chaos Scrolls
  - ACA Skillbook
  - Rush Skillbook
  - TT Skillbook
  - Berserk Skillbook
  - LV 63 maple weapons

Exclamation Donor/Event Chairs
Posted by: mtsonic - 03-09-2019, 07:32 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

These are the regular chairs we have for donor and events! - Credit to Rulax

[Image: a564036a59537361b09e362bae259ef4.gif][Image: ad38426db3748fa38599a2f4782851f6.gif][Image: facce37530c30845d9e532669fdfb5ef.gif][Image: b0a3218a0887a3f63b7b47dd621af727.gif][Image: 48d10bf56b227db893735b938fd95c27.gif][Image: 0d98638f39263829b64cdbc936f7df54.gif][Image: e4b6de31e3a4c72948dfae3a256b9c4e.gif][Image: b1e7c76f7498794b2ce97b8040fa2dfd.gif][Image: cc820024e104416580d795187e9da39a.gif][Image: 9ba047d0c9d6c183acaa662a2faff753.gif][Image: c94682dea7f0c7da060dec08628c38b2.gif][Image: 4bc94f640b1239119f938e590896b912.gif][Image: 7d6a39255e8a17473dd75b9283cca8b8.gif][Image: eb045b89695bdb78d8cd7e326cb52f4a.gif][Image: 9282cc9e5cd6215f50d539a5fd8bbded.gif][Image: 92eaee345b8f920fca244fda53b40acd.gif][Image: 52dc2623f450422422263c8ff8c3ff77.gif][Image: 34e23fc41623d94b15e5584a7e8de86d.gif][Image: d5f55247ad3e9a746bdaafaa02c4e560.gif][Image: ba0cac4d3953ddeadcdfe7cde67c16e2.gif][Image: 18b8bbdb37495307ad55f193a050162b.gif][Image: 5aa0e2a989e86c6ca6485fba2a6f28ec.gif][Image: 9d07277717093d767504fa04f08e10aa.gif][Image: cd55d786d6d130343783f6bed9151c3b.gif][Image: 7feb4d89f09f6b3fb494185183a94a9b.gif][Image: cdb2018d25735fbcce7bb9a27cae3e67.gif][Image: 3d14d3e1af4cf5c353a9ba7e156b6d0d.gif][Image: 03855a5ef3f07a9b87753723ac4e0a30.gif][Image: d84b10d658758ca2d4b874c77fcbee03.gif][Image: 6490d3c6ed346e3f5a90920c1f8a59fe.gif][Image: e9f610dac9ed7a797c4d3a745e657f6c.gif][Image: 7e59b9ab54808d13ab7b51ac4fe8c9b7.gif][Image: cdec6cbf4bcf782665c706c28ed83156.gif][Image: d4dcfc2512c878d5be0a70adf33a0cac.gif][Image: f0253a8b3dd12d57b8e03e952e054443.gif][Image: 0d0fa8aa7736261aeaa67b60ac4da1a4.gif][Image: 356dc223600878621bfd5f46aa74d187.gif][Image: 0b00d61df5a1d5854903362b8c1fd356.gif][Image: 394d317da9cb802f38f2131aaf4d72e9.gif][Image: 60235317398081b0e95e5bab9e04bc93.gif][Image: e80da17ad19fa4f5a10f8f66f7d3f594.gif][Image: 0cbb72a5692062c987bb75a4f0f17503.gif][Image: 62465b02765adfac1abacbd816b5d2b1.gif][Image: 99eaa5768092bdac5654533b7ddad7d6.gif][Image: cd8e1cd8f554bce226e3645f4418bcab.gif][Image: cacbe5ef47d2217a780fe580879b348c.gif][Image: dee1eaa878fc663a9adfd5d9fa23be9b.gif][Image: acc77ca085ddf60e93baabc86079c973.gif][Image: 514276dd6659ee579a4c263e0a9b8854.gif][Image: a9ea8315efe60c11e33a2a6b0cd94b17.gif][Image: 11d6785c21b12016ef2635ed553216de.gif][Image: fd02ea2f12fe3c535acb49708c3d6abd.gif][Image: be4a56be640fbe706a74b0b2bcbe2b44.gif][Image: 7da9c6fc6f99281dd055763c4bd6000a.gif][Image: b2af2d9e633514f01f840ffd0bf231c4.gif][Image: 14bd09c25b103c060b2deb5a103be23d.gif][Image: 3f6926814648bb5ea9ef09ace258c1b4.gif][Image: ac374da49c18db7b9c2542f5c6955261.gif][Image: f4f34707004ad36611280cde6abad488.gif][Image: 4d1e52f492c24325f4485a2967015734.gif][Image: d89f23416bf334c469a418c04da0f886.gif][Image: 6b4be9036dbd24a7e161fd9f57ebeefc.gif]   [Image: fc8b4225d4c3d8f8b4ebc8594c31216a.gif][Image: 818fbb37ba585945510b5ea48b25ae60.gif][Image: 5dcfb156a2fdce71918a8e60dd61046e.gif][Image: 02a0bbdd6a4df8f8eb139d2b878648df.gif][Image: 764bb810e81551609df12a7160a2edb9.gif][Image: 3d905060726c093b006c8e03aa3f1d55.gif][Image: 3131737b77c2d8c81ee312232c849034.gif][Image: 64a1055a8d495f22540b17e5662c510a.gif][Image: 09ec0fe1333d2f97b9b70f180af2f1b2.gif][Image: 1a2595453469d51ab6f69cd5fb0351eb.gif][Image: 36fa01c0df7148c9a33fad1b62d2e828.gif][Image: c6d9755e555b48c32a341a23076d2c4b.gif][Image: 04884b8897481980b6999401390ed474.gif][Image: 8228114492ed8c7554d3618bf9485843.gif][Image: 25cf693e09c1e00ed16cdcdddc4e7a89.gif]

These are the better looking ones! there is a slight chance you can get them in events, but they are typically for donors only.

[Image: ab2f82f7b6a7ff4549af03e557cf1e3b.gif][Image: 3bb247103c475f2dc6271ee2de5f5064.gif][Image: a07341cd7cbe1b454e910b8077204375.gif][Image: 1276bad7a6f3384f04d577079146da76.gif][Image: a4d42d1e25ccf0fc219024e3a004a130.gif][Image: d45a18ca0dd2bfa0377ff17692008201.gif][Image: d9397854a8ccab34cdaae2688370773b.gif][Image: 81c5bdb1d2244bcbcb9109088e32fee7.gif][Image: 417bc677db03466ec9178d82106869bd.gif][Image: b23fbb28e97f1d402c4fccd511a36c39.gif][Image: 9b972ba689d8e50a1f14618e67a7c376.gif][Image: 3775a523b54ddd216faf9cf971aad3a5.gif][Image: 3e320160f5554ead9957d2431d19beb2.gif][Image: 4653234bcafb18fdb5e4c3112fc4140a.gif][Image: ac44144e440635004acb70153e19657d.gif][Image: 552a569f614405f07fe6ef0f57d558be.gif][Image: ca935b1f433074475a6d967586922793.gif][Image: f3885f7fe12a1068d3697dfe6b9cbddb.gif][Image: bbf5c518e970ce57c5ffe29425991c62.gif][Image: 6b7d7d7eb64f5aa5634c65b2d7d3ee2f.gif][Image: 1123fec800f2439afa011a51ae14e314.gif][Image: fbc7bd2cb40e0c7db3e57d0ab35aee83.gif][Image: 779fe0a7db2dd745b9a39fd164146504.gif][Image: 02fae36e7bf1b9287889465a5ee3d62b.gif][Image: e2897ccc068f468b1326cb1a618cf9a1.gif][Image: 36669c11998ba814da5a5551c369c531.gif][Image: df42f3680d10084b1305ef27a0f59ee2.gif][Image: b65281535890b1411c329f57fe24ea38.gif][Image: 6327d426253b8721dae1b36de7674cdd.gif][Image: 3bfbfd0432b373e257ab4694fe5dceb2.gif][Image: 991de06dcbc2b5089e2b78d2dda492fa.gif][Image: a5bde633b0a3db04001805e6063dd5a4.gif][Image: d179b6f88c2af739d087454b22d68230.gif][Image: 3b2f5f7faa8e6270cdc1557c0f399bad.gif][Image: f7184c01457886d49c45b9de91407663.gif][Image: 7db1f6167ac9ea8d2b2587d0e997c464.gif][Image: 2701baf28a46f4a15c2904a462400ad8.gif][Image: 40cbe88f05e74b319a45ea595c4691f6.gif][Image: 722320c300a4939ae1709d272fea0f6f.gif][Image: e4c66d285156a11fc758f3ff036fb2a0.gif][Image: d8a916651b5e901bdf5d10d9e83b53b8.gif][Image: 4fcb6de6cd1a26b53157798101bc9c3e.gif]   [Image: 217f6ca7fce05a7331608650d6459135.gif]   [Image: dc4d78c60133fe302d957248cf6336c7.gif][Image: 89b731e2d1fb99d436015e8c8f6ed36d.gif][Image: 5cfd4241e4d2eac7f3f4fd7873c30564.gif][Image: a380e1d099a757b005242fde110c379f.gif][Image: 11199a25cb3ed23a31898d5a7e86fe95.gif][Image: d5386b515bbea794afdd14f4ee5b3c0c.gif][Image: 562e0fbf35c7cfd436b6bab725f78fbd.gif][Image: 4704edab681f36350259500128ec4f63.gif][Image: b89617a23de1295fdee1c7b72457b50c.gif][Image: 116b00876481bf8576db0ca035c9a0f1.gif][Image: 7d10cb205fb2c726ced921e3fb7ab376.gif]    [Image: e4e50b4394218024371409c3164e3d54.gif][Image: ac06d42f06dcb42a215a8b94e7c8daa4.gif][Image: 7ee115f0297038468defb683be01470a.gif][Image: 06e7f2f755f8860c3e2726bf54ed8008.gif][Image: 4766d19bd4b18c419fc1bd5aa8df879b.gif][Image: 16ac542791083965b77518d013db1e4d.gif][Image: e33397dc197ee6343b9f2732b6e07c1d.gif][Image: 9bd59b165c52dbb486ae0fe7f46ed998.gif][Image: 85b2cd58bd2719a7b9cc141443ea9d42.gif][Image: 777cf49d2d32dc9b76872534cf9fa46f.gif][Image: 9fd290cab96b130215469e123af26878.gif][Image: 8f7cb783f62411935ccd3c59cf06787c.gif][Image: fb4c7cdfa0026cfa43f06c8afa82577b.gif][Image: bd23575aa74d100369f81dfcc0fc8021.gif][Image: df261126fbc335b8c9df2ab44c4e1a12.gif][Image: 5a5cb30bc69a519ab50b6a51c5f2ba28.gif][Image: 20863de13fcd058f01768a089ea3ba2b.gif][Image: 405a4e88c754d0fb95528828b5defac4.gif][Image: fecf69cf062c6660ff940df85d989dc9.gif]

These last ones were a pain to add but here they are! (also donor exclusive)

[Image: cc97b57768f27d367a434334dfb4dd92.gif][Image: be3bfc65899df5a3fc6983e00beb9221.gif][Image: ad2b053022ad19befae209e25ed127d6.gif][Image: a03bce681348f6a37b37c20e00f6eb0d.gif][Image: 431a74441acfd78bb0cbf1d3d73f1c52.gif][Image: 8ead7ec65a8893af78eb9c446eda089d.gif][Image: bd8f7b937761b14a1108c43830070c86.gif][Image: 6e573db7721115fbd06dd3bb6008c930.gif][Image: 45a035d860d44424c8f13e6daa9d9d68.gif][Image: 8d082ed0aebc870e5635cc44612231f4.gif][Image: 1c6c56451bd5375bbcad2dd5fb738910.gif][Image: edec18eee2cad84c0df8a8a50721f09c.gif][Image: 629ee4f8cae42283b254bb704203863c.gif][Image: e7e2710c5ea2ebe0604417250b18ad97.gif]

  A Chill Drunk
Posted by: Chill - 03-09-2019, 04:26 PM - Forum: Introductions & Farewells - No Replies

Name: Pat
Gender (optional): Male
Age (optional): 72
IGN (In Game Name): Drunk, Chill
Guild: Infamous
Your RB Path: DW>NL>Bucc>TB, Bish>??>??>??
How did you find out about the server? GTop100
What do you like about the server so far? Merging
Favourite Staff? Dark Ritual
Something interesting about yourself: I can eat an entire pie in one sitting

  What Class Should I Main? [BEGINNER GUIDE]
Posted by: snoh - 03-09-2019, 07:55 AM - Forum: Guides - Replies (1)


If you're reading this guide, then I'm assuming you've just graduated from maple island and you're pondering the age-old quandary of which class should you play? Which class feels smooth like water, or deals out jaw dropping numbers that will render your peers pink with admiration, or hearken back to the old days of GMS and revive the glory that was your original 1.0 character?

As you may or may not know, MapleRoot centers around a 3-rebirth system. That means your ONE character can experience gameplay as FOUR different classes! This introduces a whole new dynamic to the game --- players have the luxury to strategize and pick which classes grants them the arsenal of skills they want to use.

As a community, we’ve compiled what we believe to be the best rebirth path for each class for dealing damageNOTE: you do not have to follow these paths, they are merely suggestions culminated from months of discussion between veteran players, admins, and GMs alike. Do as you please, this is your story! 

Before I go into details, let me just put this here as a "TL;DR" :

[Image: m69GuRM.png]

 ~Credits to our Developer: Diagnostic

The Strongest class - TOP DPM [Image: wytu0R1.png]

[Image: K5uZyjz.png]

Lemme tell it to ya' straight: The mighty swashbuckling CORSAIR! Corsairs, with shadow partner and their battleship, attacks 10 lines and MELTS single target bosses with the lethality of a seasoned marksman - the mighty Megalodon of the high seas . (note: Corsair's battleship has a HP of 32k, if your ship loses all its HP, it'll break and you'll have to wait the cooldown; so you must know how to adjust your timing). Corsair's damage is unrivaled when they're on battleship, so in order to maximize the class's potential, you want  to make sure you master going on and off ship. A true class for the experts.

Rebirth path: Hero → Paladin → Night Lord →Corsair
    •     Night Walker gives Flash Jump & Haste (best mobility skills), and Shadow Partner.

    •     Hero gives Advanced Combo Attack(30% damage increase).

    •      Paladin gives Holy charge (40% damage increase), Flame charge, Ice charge, and Thunder charge. Make sure to keep the sword variation. 
    •      (Note: You must equip a SWORD in order to buff Holy charge every 3 minutes.)

    •      Mobbing is not great

 [Image: U1mTlSh.png]

For those of you who want to main Nightlord [Image: BalancedFuryAnimation.gif]

True to the old school Maplestory, Nightlord is still pound for pound one of the most effective classes in the game. It ranks #2 in Damage and comes with all of the utility skills like Taunt, Meso-up, and Alchemy that you remember.

[Image: 3mqA6ib.png]

Rebirth path: Hero → Paladin → Bowmaster  Night Lord
    •     Triple Throw hits 4 LINES (1/16/2019)

    •     Hero gives Advanced Combo Attack(30% damage increase).

    •     Paladin gives Holy charge (40% damage increase), Flame charge, Ice charge, and Thunder charge. Make sure to keep the sword variation. Keep in mind that because you must equip a SWORD in order to buff the charges, you will need to change weapons every 3 minutes.

    •     Bowmaster gives “Sharp Eyes”, which gives you a HUGE increase to your critical hits and increases your critical rate

    •     This build not only maximizes NL's damage, but you also provide the valuable SE skill that helps your entire party clear bosses faster.

    •     Mobbing is not great

  [Image: vc5ZBRy.png]

Stealthy Shadower, the Silent Assassin [Image: lwXTJwp.png]

[Image: 01NZ9SC.png]

There is nothing like it: Assasinate, BOOMERANG STEP, Meso Guard, Assaulter. Oh yeah. This is what being a thief is all about!! Everything you liked about old school shadower, plus more from the rebirths is here. Before you get started, you should know, to your glee or dismay, that Boomerang Step is Shadower’s primary damage skill - it hits 6 lines. Probably in the 70th percentile when it comes to damage, and it’s cool as hell.

Rebirth path: Night walker → Hero → Paladin → Shadower
  •     Boomerang Step is Shadower’s primary damage skill - it hits 6 lines.(1/16/19)

  •     Night Walker gives Flash Jump & Haste (best mobility skills) and Vanish.
  •     Vanish makes you hit 30% more damage while in dark sight. So macro dark sight with your boomerang step to get consistently higher damage.

  •     Hero gives Advanced Combo Attack(30% damage increase).

  •     Paladin gives Holy charge (40% damage increase), Flame charge, Ice charge, and Thunder charge. Make sure to keep the sword variation.
  •     (Note: You must equip a SWORD in order to buff Holy charge every 3 minutes.)

  •     Mobbing is not great, but better than NL and corsair

[Image: ulW3QU3.png]

The "Brandish-Based Zerker" - Dark Knight / Hero Fusion!! [Image: n7c8BAb.png?1]

[Image: 7757705161e20db515f74e956f125457.png]

So with the warrior branch, you have the option of using Brandish or Spear/Polearm Crusher. Regardless of which path you choose, you will end as Dark Knight. Dark Knights have Berzerk (passive skill that DOUBLES your damage when your HP is below 50%). If you want to play hero, simply save brandish onto your keyboard and use a sword. If you want to play Dark Knight, save Spear Crusher onto your keyboard and wield a spear. Regardless of which Explorer warrior class you want to play, you should end as a Dark Knight if you want to maximize your damage. Paladin's Blast is currently not super viable to be honest. Keyword there is currently. We should be seeing some positive changes coming to it soon...

Rebirth path: Bishop → Hero → Paladin → Dark Knight
  •      Hero's Brandish hits 5 lines.  Dark Knight's Spear crusher 6 lines. Enough said. (1/16/19)

  •     Most convenient class in the game if you plan to wield a sword. Hero’s Brandish is the only Damage-dealing class that does not require you to switch weapons in order to buff up.

  •     If you decide to wield a polearm or spear, just keep in mind you’ll have to equip a sword to buff Paladin’s holy charge every 3mins. But the tradeoff is that you’re able to spam dragon roar with your primary weapon.

  •     You end on Dark Knight because they have a skill, “Berzerk”, that DOUBLES your damage when your HP is below 50%. Combine this with Bishop’s magic guard, and you have a deadly combination.

  •     Protip: You can macro Bishop's heal and Dark Knight's Dragon Roar. Doing this will prevent you from using HP pots to heal Dragon Roar's huge HP cost.
  •     This is a FANTASTIC mobbing class. When you go to farm for your chaos scrolls, simply wear your polearm/spear and start dragon's roaring. Dragon's Roar hits 15 mobs and deals good damage, it's like a faster version of Genesis. The only two classes that have great mobbing AND bossing would be this, and Aran.

  [Image: hnbCaUE.png]

High Swing Mastery - The Aran [Image: Teg2eeG.png?2]

[Image: xRDAgRM.png?2]

Arans are not very popular in the game but they’re quite a viable pick. Do not use final blow because it actually lowers your DPS. Just use triple swing as it is buffed to 325% damage. Arans boast a high critical rate due to their 3rd job skill, “Combo Critical”, that gives critical rate based on your combo count. They’re well rounded in mobbing and bossing: triple swing for bossing, and a genesis-like "Combo Tempest" to wipe training maps.

Rebirth path:  Hero → Paladin → Dark Knight OR Bowmaster → Aran
  •     Triple swing is buffed to 325% (1/17/19)

  •     Choose bowmaster if you’re more bossing-oriented. Arans inherently have high critical chance due to their 3rd job passive “Combo Critical”, and so they can benefit greatly from SE. Not to mention SE will help your entire party clear bosses faster

  •     Dark Knight is better than Bowmaster because they provide Polearm crusher, which is actually a great skill for building up your combo since it hits 6 lines. Many Arans would actually use Polearm crusher over Triple Swing!

 [Image: KlSqZty.png]

Concentrated Hurricane - The Bowmaster [Image: LomTY2x.png]

[Image: YNp1hb7.gif]

Ah yes, Hurricane. Throughout all versions of Maplestory, this skill has largely remained unchanged, and for good reason. It’s simple. It’s lethal. It’s irreplaceable. And in Mapleroot, you get the added bonus of a passive 50% crit chance, and 300% crit damage. This means each critical line will deal 4X your regular damage. With Sharp Eyes, you’ll be walking around with 70% crit rate. Yes, quite OP indeed. 

Rebirth path:  Hero → Paladin → Night Lord → Bowmaster
  •     Bowmaster and Marksman classes benefit from 50% crit chance and 300% crit damage passively.

  •     In terms of damage, these probably rank 3rd strongest after Corsair.

  •     IMPORTANT: Make sure you get high weapon defense through merging or wearing a 6-slot Horntail Pendant. This will protect you against being dealt 30k+ damage from endgame bosses

  •     Marksman are currently not viable due to their primary bossing skill: Snipe, disabled. 

[Image: U1mTlSh.png]

Decimated Demolition - The “Thunder Viper”!! [Image: yAq5C24.png]

[Image: 34mJ8D6.gif]

The Master of close-and-far range classes. Buccaneer’s Dragon Strike hits 4 lines x 810% Damage. Pure. Insanity. Thunder breaker’s built-in critical rate and shark wave supplements long-ranged mobbing and adds even more damage. This here is a class for the Jack of all trades. You can hit as far as a NightLord, strong as an Aran, and as many mobs as Hero’s Brandish -- all while using only your fists. Enter the enhanced, “Thunder Viper”: the ultimate Hybrid!!

Rebirth Path: Hero → Paladin → Buccaneer → Thunder Breaker
  •     Hero gives Advanced Combo Attack(150% damage increase).

  •     Paladin gives Holy charge (150% damage increase), Flame charge, Ice charge, and Thunder charge. Make sure to keep the sword variation.

  •     (Note: You must equip a SWORD in order to buff Holy charge every 3 minutes.)

  •     Buccaneer gives you Dragon Strike: your primary damage dealing skill for for-away & multi-target bosses, and Barrage for your 1v1 close range bosses. Bonus! Barrage hits 8 lines!

  •     Thunder Breaker gives you a passive critical rate, which is SUPER helpful and is the reason why this path ranks above shadowers. Thunder Breaker’s Shark wave will be your primary mobbing skill for this path. It has great horizontal range

 [Image: WcbNobz.png]

  End Game Gear / How to Obtain Them
Posted by: snoh - 03-09-2019, 07:54 AM - Forum: Guides - No Replies


Mighty warrior, I see you’ve treaded well in your new adventure and have collected quite an impressive assortment of White Scrolls, Chaos Scrolls, and Billion coins. Now you’ve come to seek my wisdom once again, hoping to turn your billions of mesos into millions of damage.

Very well young bean sprout. I shall show you the way. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let me put this here as TL;DR:

[Image: pFjwGKe.png]

Without further ado, Here are all the best equips and how to obtain them. The items listed first are easier to get and make you stronger super quick. So acquire these items in order of this guide, from top to bottom.

Cash Shop - The Most Generous Dispenser of Goodies

Do these need any explanation? Basically free treasure, it is the Root’s way of welcoming you. You create your account, make a level 1 character, vote, and Boom. There you go! 30k NX ready to spend.
In GMS, you saved your money to offer money and serve the Cash Shop. In Mapleroot, the Cash Shop serves you!
[Image: J1NdU4f.png]

Aura ring: +1 all stats
[Image: m4qiGla.png]
  •   Buy 4 of these (3k NX each)
  •   Upgrade to at least 10 of your main stat

Best way to upgrade: Scroll it FIRST with DEX, STR, LUK. Then level it!!

Pet & Pet Equip: 7 slots clean
[Image: rwbg3nD.png]
  •   Get yourself a cheap pet (my favorite is Monkey)
  •   Then get these pet Equips(In order of priority): item pouch, meso magnet, wing boots, binocular, auto HP, auto MP
  •   Note: DO NOT buy the Pet Equip until AFTER you've acquired at least 2 pet for LUK, pet for DEX, and pet for STR scrolls! If you wear the pet equip without scrolling it     first, you will waste its upgrades. 

Best way to upgrade: Scroll it FIRST with DEX, STR, LUK. Then level it!! 

Agent E - Emissary of Accessories [Available in all major towns]

Agent E is my personal favorite NPC. She's been in service since the beginning, providing new maplers with extremely powerful accessories to set us on our way. Without her, we would not have been able to kill our first zakums, or 1shot scarecrows as new players. Thank you Agent E! Here's to 6 months of unwavering loyal service!

The stats of Agent E's items are all exactly as shown because they are obtained from NPC. The only equips that have varying stats are those that drop from monsters.

[Image: OjUWmqp.png?1]

Broken glasses: +1 all stats, 3 slots. Untradeble once obtained
[Image: YgiB9wA.png]
  •   Untradeble Once obtained, but you can SoK it once and trade it (can only do this once per item, including different characters )
  •   2 “flaming feathers” dropped by any monster
  •   2 “piece of ice” dropped by El Nath monsters
  •   5 “zombie’s lost tooth” - dropped by miner zombies in deadmine I, II, III, IV, V only
  •   10 halloween candies dropped by scarecrows in @haunted
    Best way to upgrade: Just level it up. Then if you're feeling greedy you can throw a 2-3 chaos scrolls on it afterwards.

Mu Lung Dojo Vanquisher Medal: +5 atk, 7 speed, 7 avoid, 7accuracy 
[Image: dDTOhDe.png]
  •   Obtained at a random RARE chance. Select the, “belts and medals” option. Completely Untradeble
  •   2 “flaming feathers” dropped by any monster
  •   5 “soft feathers” dropped by stirge monsters plus more
  •   10 “stiff feathers” dropped by yeti monsters plus more

Best way to upgrade: Just level it

Immortal Pharaoh Belt / Witch’s Deep Purple Belt: 1 attack, 3 slots
[Image: ZS77nSA.png][Image: QTFztoe.png]
  •   Obtained at a random chance. Select the, “belts and medals” option
  •  You can SoK it once and trade it (can only do this once per item, including different characters )
  •   2 “flaming feathers” dropped by any monster
  •   5 “soft feathers” dropped by stirge monsters plus more
  •   10 “stiff feathers” dropped by yeti monsters plus more
    Best way to upgrade: Chaos them for at least 5 attack. then level up

Lilin Ring(3): 3 atk, 3 all stats, 30HP/MP
[Image: WDfahNV.png]
  •   Note: This is NOT movable across your account. It is completely untradeble.

  •   Lilin ring(3) requires Lilin ring(2) and 1 zombie mushmom cap. Easiest way to get to Zombie mushmom is take the VIP taxi in Ellinia, and enter in the hidden portal on the top right of that sleepywood map.

  •   Lilin ring(2) requires Lilin Ring(1) and 1 nependeath’s honey. Nependeath’s honey(USE item). To find Nependeath, take the middle-right map in Orbis and keep going downwards right.

  •   Lillin ring(1) requires 1 “flaming feather” + 1 “lidium”. Lidium ores dropped by cactus monsters in Ariant. You can refine the ores in the 3rd portal from the left in Ariant.

Best way to upgrade: Chaos them for at least 7 attack with at least 1DEX/STR/LUK, then level up

Sword Earrings - The Only Earrings with Atk

These are custom designed in mapleroot to give 1 atk, so these are what we’re using. Also they look cool as hell, in my opinion.

[Image: sR6oDnW.png]
  •   +1 atk, 5 slots
  •    Obtain these by going to @rbmap. And select the "Trade gold leaf for Accessories option". Each earring costs 60 Gold leafs. 

Best Way to Upgrade: Chaos and level to at least 20 attack with 2 slots (hammered). Instead of doing this, you can just buy from the FM.  Then scroll the 2 slots with Luk and DEX. Now it’s merge-ready.

Maker Skill - Formidable Armor Made From Scratch

Remember the old days when you used Maker skill to craft the best Reverse weapons? Here, we take it one step further -- welcome to a world where your ETC inventory finally gets the respect it deserves -- ores, powders, monster crystals, jewels, are all ESSENTIAL for building up the strongest character you can. 
[Image: 0EmEfRi.png]
Don’t worry, If you don’t know about the maker skill, refer to this guide here (link)
Basically, the goal is to make sure all your armors have STR/DEX/LUK/AVOID/ATK before you go into your merge. These 4 are the primary jewels you need: Basic Diamond, Basic Opal, Basic LUK, and Basic Power Crystal

[Image: 2TxFN6d.png]

Gloves : Must have STR/DEX/LUK/AVOID (clean)
[Image: f04RNKo.png]
  Make a glove for your class branch that has DEX/LUK/STR/AVOID.
  Depending on  which class you are, you may need to compensate different STAT crystal to fulfull the STR/DEX/LUK requirement. 
  For example, my warrior glove automatically gives STR and DEX, so I need a LUK crystal and basic Opal to add Luk and Avoidability. 
Best way to upgrade: Use Golden Hammer to get your glove to 7 slots. Perfect it with 100% GM glove for attack scrolls (buy them from FM), then level it up.

Top/Bottom[Thief & Warr]. Chaos Overall[Pirate & Archer & Mage]
[Image: VVcCT5Q.png][Image: LF8sEkE.png]  [Image: lpUT5AF.png]
  Make a top with AVOID and ATTACK. 
  Make a bottom with Attack and (STR if you’re thief, LUK if you’re warrior) 
  The top and bottom are better than overall because @merge will add one slate of stats per equip, giving you two slates of stats per merge, whereas overall is receive one slate of stats. 
  Pirate/archer/mage do not have top/bottoms so they use the chaos overall, which is still a VERY viable choice.
Best Way to Upgrade: 
  TOP: You can scroll it for 60% STR, or 60% LUK depending on which stat you're missing. Then level.
  BOTTOM: You can scroll it for 60% JUMP (the scroll gives 2 jump, 1 avoid), or DEX if you're missing DEX. then level.
  CHAOS OVERALL: just level it.
The crucial thing is to preserve STR/DEX/LUK/AVOID/ATK into your merge. You can also just keep them clean if you can’t wait to start merging. No judgment here [Image: smile.png]

Shoes: Must have STR/DEX/LUK/AVOID/ATK (recommend lv110 shoe)
[Image: 38Tq1T2.png]
  I recommend using the lv110 shoe because it has 3 slots for adding stats. Which you will probably need. 
  Same thing as the top/bottom. Use a basic Diamond and Basic Opal. Use STR crystal if you're thief, LUK crystal if you're warrior
  Make sure it keeps STR/DEX/LUK/AVOID/ATK into your merge.
Best Way to Upgrade: Scroll your shoe with 60% Shoe DEX or 100% shoe DEX if you did not use a basic Opal when you made it. Then level up.  
You can chaos it if you want. I’d aim for at least 20 ATK.

Helmet: Must have STR/DEX/LUK/AVOID/ATK[u](recommend lv110 hat)[/u]
[Image: Cm4XUbI.png]

  I recommend using the lv110 helmet because it has 3 slots for adding stats. Which you will probably need. 
  Make sure it keeps STR/DEX/LUK/AVOID/ATK into your merge.
  Keep in mind there is a helmet for dex 60% scroll, so you do not need to add DEX to your helmet with maker.
Best Way to Upgrade:  Scroll your helmet with 60% dex if it doesn’t already have dex. Then level. Then you can chaos further ... I’d aim for at least 20 ATK.

Shield: lv110 Shield with STR/DEX/LUK/AVOID/ATK or Dragon Khanjar (thief only)
[Image: 94xzBR0.png]  

If you are a warrior, understand that two handed sword will be superior for dealing damage. This is because the weapon attack multiplier for two-handed sword is 1.34, versus a one-handed sword at 1.2. Using a one-handed sword that all of the weapon attack you gain will be weighed at only 90% of potency as using a two-handed. The small 30-50 attack gain you get from your shield will be dwarfed by the 100’s of attack you gain from multiple merges. In GMS, a one-handed shield & sword was superior because it boasted a fast(5) attack speed. In Mapleroot, all endgame weapons are at fast(4) speed, so speed is no longer an issue and you just go with the sword that will maximize your damage output. With that said, the only reason to endgame a one-handed + shield is if you like the brandish animation or some other cosmetic reason.

My preferred shield for warriors is the lv110 Blue Dragon shield because it has 3 jewel slots when you create it; you can add ACCURACY, LUK, and Attack onto it. 

For thieves, we’re going with the Timeless List. Add Avoid, DEX, and attack onto it. We do NOT use the dragon khanjar because there is no way to add DEX or avoidability onto it.
Best Way to Upgrade: Scroll your shield with 1 60% shield for weapon att. Then level up. Make sure it has STR/DEX/LUK/AVOID/ATK before you merge!

Chaos Pink Bean - The Baddest Boss in The Game

If you've made it this far, you're now a seasoned veteran of Mapleroot, reaching endgame on the cusp of merging. These bosses hold the last pieces to the puzzle before you dive into your merge. I know you've saved billions. You're about to see the top my friend ...

[Image: UsQrJlv.png]

Mark of Naricain: +25 ATT, 15 all stats
[Image: nJiL24T.png]
  •    Since this is a boss drop, the stats may vary by + or -5.
  •     Obtained by killing chaos pink bean
  •     Obtained by using the @rbmap command, and trading in 80 shiny maple coins 

Besy way to Upgrade: just level it.

Strawberry Icecream Bar (colloquially known as, "pop")
[Image: 4eLgl4r.png]
  • Since this is a boss drop, the stats may vary by + or -5. This will not apply if you 
  • Obtain this by killing chaos pink bean, drops at a random chance(about 20% in my experience)
  • Obtain this by trading in 85 “shiny maple coins” to @rbmap

Best Way to Upgrade: Keep farming these until you level up one with UPSLOT, then scroll it with a 100% face avoidability scroll. Do not merge without doing this, you will shortchange yourself a lot of avoidability.  

Chaos cape: 20ATT, 5 slots
[Image: OLIJsty.png]
  •   Since this a boss drop, the stats may vary by + or -5. So you may get anywhere from a 15-25 atk cape, depending on your luck.
  •   Obtained by killing chaos pink bean ONLY 
  •   Completely untradeable once obtained 

Best way to upgrade. Scroll these with a 60% or 100% DEX,STR,LUK, then level up. Do not chaos these before you merge. It’s not worth risking wiping the stats. I would aim for a 40 attack cape with stats before I merge

Chaos Weapon - The Integral Piece of the Puzzle

Your weapon is your pride. Your weapon is your identity. Your weapon is your core. Do not skimp on this. Create the most incredible jaw-dropping weapon you can. Throw it out on a smega and announce it proudly to the Maple World. Brandish your weapon in the face of peers and item tag it with all bold letters of your IGN. Here’s how to make the ultimate weapon...

[Image: giphy.gif]

Chaos Weapons varies by <Job Class>
  • Obtained by killing chaos zakum, or trading in 40 shiny maple coins to @rbmap
  • Completely untradeble once equipped
  • Keep farming these until you get either a +2 UPSLOT OR +1 UPSLOT with +5 above average attack. Your weapon should have the equivalent of 11 upgraded slots before you go into your merge.
  • Here are the average weapon attacks for all relevant chaos weapons: 
  •     Chaos 2h “Nibleheim” sword: 148 attack
  •     Chaos 1h “Executioner” sword: 140 attack 
  •     Chaos claw: 84 attack
  • .   Chaos Knuckle, Chaos gun: 112 attack
  •     Chaos Polearm, Chaos Spear: 156 attack                                      
  •     Chaos Dagger: 140 attack
  •     Chaos Bow: 135 attack   
  •     Chaos Wand: 156 magic attack, 110 attack                                                                          

Best Way to Upgrade: Scroll your weapon with 1 accuracy scroll 60% for the accuracy (optional). Make sure your weapon has the equivalent of 11 upgrade slots before you merge. 

Additional Information on how to get prerequisite items:
  •     Shiny maple coins can be obtained by killing chaos pink bean and chaos zakum
  •     Chaos zakum requires a “rock of time” to be spawned. Enter chaos zakum with the command, “@chaosz”.
  •     “Rock of time” can be obtained by killing pink bean. In order to enter pink bean, you must complete the “temple of time” quest line.
  •     Agent E is available in all major towns (henesys, leafre, kerning city ..etc)

Note: This category can be subjected to change if new end-game equipment is added to the server.

credits: Veteran Player HeroMule for the normal attack for chaos weapons; also MasterRulax for the gif of the Chaos Weapons!
 [Image: Z6OYHGW.png][Image: YOIj250.png]

  Colt's Merging Guide!
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Thanks to Colt for making this guide!

 [Image: 0213d5e45897fc549538eb430a7b3df3.png]

Congrats to all who have made to the point where you can now start merging and improve your range.

Some might find it easy, some might not.

Think all the items you sacrifice for merging as a single item, with all stats combined.

I'm going to try keep this as simple as possible, but I gotta say one thing.


[Image: 89e9605441df2a47ea58577456dc0e49.png]

If you do something like this I'm going to kill you.

[Image: 20c449b38143afe0aeb7f9fee19128e3.png]

[Image: 4e70c1d7b4d27122461bf7817477b94b.gif]

[Image: heart.png]

Anyway, before you start merging, you want to make your gears have all the necessary stats.

The reason you want to get necessary stats first is you will only gain extra stats from merging if you originally have the base stats.

So even if you merge a Lilin's ring, Zakum's helmet, and bunch of weapons, if your gears don't have base weapon attack, they won't gain weapon attacks on merging.

[Image: 6bb0fcf7ce1f3e455c12b7f800f9665c.png]

This is how a normal lv.110 warrior hat looks like.

You want to make it have other stats such as weapon attack, dex, and accuracy/avoidability/luk of your choice through maker.

         * It's 10 diamond ores for 1 diamond, 10 diamonds for 1 basic diamond
           10 LUK crystal ores for 1 LUK crystal, 10 LUK crystals for 1 basic LUK crystal, etc

[Image: a7975ac4a68adef57548bea1097f793f.png]

[Image: 7efd87010a955056235c40ef6a6500a1.png]

Now this hat has gained weapon attack, dex, and avoidability.

Repeat the same step for glove

[Image: d1b6f6938c9df09724e2eb7a24851c27.png]


[Image: b0e792264e98c72b102df11ab07c4acd.png]


[Image: 5e0fadc991e6818c85df375cf120ef10.png]


[Image: 1a6ff07d9b003a752cb28cde446e6076.png]

and glasses. 

[Image: 77a6d49fbfc387b24ed3b02efce2129a.png]



To add a stat that you didn't have for equips you cant forge with maker, this is how you gain it.

First, unequip everything except for your glasses and weapon.

[Image: 70e19eeb933b7f45b9f67281ee4973ca.png]

Store whatever you can in your storage, and gather all your gears on top of your inventory.

Then, fill inventory with weapons, and place a different weapon before everything, next to your valuable gears.

You could also make this work for aura rings/pet equips, however I don't recommend that. 

I will show you why it is not recommended by the end of this guide.

Type @merge, then type the first weapon of your materials for merging. 

[Image: 1a3ac924b12c4b5c2515650af441142c.png]

Now this is what you will see after merging.

[Image: c2e2b27d8a34976193dbc2ee59fb730d.png]

[Image: c1201889bb72461a468c318175032dad.png]

Now your equipment inventory should look something like this.

[Image: b754fd0ed06dc441cf155f3e73792dcb.png]

If you have manged yourself to add all necessary stats into your gears, the hard part is done.

All it's left for you is to farm 1 billion coin, and keep on merging.

This is a method I used for my character.

If you have any other methods you find it efficient, please let me know I'll be more than happy to edit this guide.

[Image: 8c2b5f3a2c98a9f278fe141098d92f93.png]

Place Zakum helmet on top. Zakum helmet has every stats except for weapon attack, so its a must. Then fill the rest of your inventory with weapons.

Merging with 1 Zakum helmet and 1 Weapon also gives you +1 to all your equipment, but we want to maximize our efficiency here. 

If you have a full inventory with items, it will give you something like this.

[Image: b838aa093499a401bf6f3c2a06a7becb.png]

If you merge with nx items like aura ring/pet equips that has a stat, you will get +1 WATK instead. 

[Image: 173fdf0719ca79c59cf55d8a80eac829.png]

First method gives you +17 all stat, +34 WATK, while second method gives you +27 all stat, +24 WATK (with scrolled pet equip)

If you merge correctly, it will give you about 5k~6k range each merge depending on class. 

Hope you all one shot kill chaos pink bean one day.


Posted by: snoh - 03-09-2019, 07:28 AM - Forum: Introductions & Farewells - No Replies

Name: Joe
Gender (optional): M
Age (optional): 25
IGN (In Game Name): Snoh
Guild: Infamous (PM ME ON DISCORD TO JOIN)
Your RB Path: B-H-P-DrK
How did you find out about the server? Gtop100
What do you like about the server so far? The Community
Favourite Staff? Google/Hate
Something interesting about yourself: NOPE

  Skill Limit Break System
Posted by: snoh - 03-09-2019, 07:15 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Credit : Miyuki and HeroMule


TL;DR: Implementing a system beyond merging that would provide end-game content that could take at least a month to complete per skill  while using features and items in game that are barely used after mid-game such as maker skill and shiny maple coins.

The idea here is to limit break and upgrade your skill even further whether it be increasing % damage, number of lines, buff duration, and % stat increase. Using Brandish as an example which goes to level 30 by limit breaking you could get your Brandish to level 40 which would increase skill damage by 50% and add an extra line of damage (if possible you could also increase hit area and casting speed). In order to get it to level 40, you would have to complete certain quests that entail killing a certain number of bosses, collecting x-amount of material, and crafting materials in maker. This will require heavy farming and grinding but provide content to players at end-game other than merging.

Brandish Level Guidelines

Template Quest: Kill x-number boss, maker x-number Advanced Monster Crystal 4, to unlock the maker item for Skill Level X [advanced crystal + shiny maple coin + etc + bill coin]).

Lv 30 --> 31: Kill 100 Horntail, 1 Advanced Monster Crystal 4,  Skillbook Level 31(5 Intermediate Topaz Crystal,  250 Shiny Maple Coins, [drops from Coke Town], 1 Bill Coin)
Lv 31 --> 32: Kill 150 Horntail, 2 Advanced Monster Crystal 4, Skillbook Level 32 (5 Intermediate Topaz Crystal, 250 Shiny Maple Coins, 150 Pieces of Ice, 2 Bill Coin )
Lv 32 --> 33: Kill 100 Pink Bean, 3 Advanced Monster Crystal 4, Skillbook Level 33 (10 Intermediate Garnet Crystal, 300 Shiny Maple Coins, 30 Screws, 3 Bill Coin)
Lv 33 --> 34: Kill 150 Pink Bean, 4 Advanced Monster Crystal 4, Skillbook Level 34 (10 Intermediate Garnet Crystal, 300 Shiny Maple Coins, 30 Bronze Plates, 4 Bill Coin)
Lv 34 --> 35: Kill 100 Chaos Zakum, 5 Advanced Monster Crystal 4, Skillbook Level 35 (15 Intermediate Garnet Crystal, 300 Shiny Maple Coins, 5 Class-based Chaos Weapon, 5 Bill Coin)
Lv 35 --> 36: Kill 150 Chaos Zakum, 6 Advanced Monster Crystal 4, Skillbook Level 36 (15 Intermediate Garnet Crystal, 300 Shiny Maple Coins, 10 Advanced Dark Crystal, 6 Bill Coin)
Lv 36 --> 37: Kill 100 Chaos Pink Bean, 7 Advanced Monster Crystal 4, Skillbook Level 37 (20 Intermediate Topaz Crystal, 350 Shiny Maple Coins, 400 Dragon Spirit, 7 Bill Coin)
Lv 37 --> 38: Kill 150 Chaos Pink Bean, 8 Advanced Monster Crystal 4, Skillbook Level 38 (20 Intermediate Topaz Crystal, 350 Shiny Maple Coins, [drops from LHC], 8 Bill Coin)
Lv 38 --> 39: Kill 100 Von Leon, 9 Advanced Monster Crystal 4, Skillbook Level 39 (5 Advanced Emerald Crystal, 400 Shiny Maple Coins, [drops from LHC], 9 Bill Coin)
Lv 39 --> 40: Kill 150 Von Leon, 10 Advanced Monster Crystal 4, Skillbook Level 40 (10 Advanced Emerald Crystal, 400 Shiny Maple Coins, 10 Class-based Chaos Weapon, 10 Bill Coin)

Once you reach level 40 on Brandish after crafting the skillbook an extra line of damage would be added.

Note: The Advanced Monster Crystal 4 is made by combining 10 boss drops. These boss drops will drop globally in all bosses and the drop rate will increase alongside the difficulty of the boss (i.e. Horntail 1/83, CZAK 1/53, CPB 1/33, Von Leon 1/17). To promote other areas of game content, in order to make the skillbooks for each level, you could gather resources from areas such as LHC and Coketown.

To make it even more difficult you could also make the skillbooks have success rate that goes from 100% to 50%.